As of mid-July, we charge $100 to be placed on the waiting list. This money is refundable if you change your mind and wish to be removed from the waiting list with $30 cancellation fee. The deposit is counted towards the kitten price. We started taking a fee since we had people that are not serious about purchasing a kitten and were just waisting our time and had to refuse potential customers because our waiting was over full. Please ask any questions that you have before signing up for the waiting list or any other questions through the contact page. We will ask for a deposit after the form has been submitted. You are able to check your place on the waiting list here.

We will email people on the waiting list once the kittens are born.

The first pick of kittens goes for breeding/showing rights. The next email will contain color and gender of the kittens. When kittens are 3-4 weeks of age, we will send email out, containing pictures, to people according to their place on the waiting list. We give each person 24 hours to decide on a kitten, so please be on the lookout for those emails to not miss the opportunity to select a kitten. When you have decided on a kitten, we will request an additional $250 as a kitten deposit to reserve the kitten. If the offered kitten(s) do not draw your interest, you can remain on the waiting list without loosing your place in line. After everyone on the waiting list has had a chance to look and decide on a kitten, the kittens that are left will be placed on the website as available.

PLEASE NOTE: We can not guarantee the color and gender of the kittens that are born. No one can!

Page updated: 07/04/20

​​Rules of Waiting List:


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Planned Litters

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Colors that can be expected from our cats:

Traditional: Black (brown) tabby, red tabby (male), black tortoiseshell (female), black torbie (female). These colors may have silver or white in them. Black gold shaded tabby, is only color without any additional coloring.

Color point (only blue eyes): Seal Point, seal tabby point, red tabby point, seal torbie point (female), seal tortie point (female). All theses colors come with possibility of silver or white.

Price range: $1,200-$1,600. Depending of color and quality.


Please use the form below to be put on the waiting list!

Flame Prince

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New litters expected in July!