Mother: O'Hara Colors of Life

Father: Flame Prince Precious Jewels

Red Classic Tabby and White

Page updated: 09/03/19

Mother: Elizabeth Siberian Star

Father: Quater Grand Champion (TICA). Ideal Color of Life

Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point 

Mother: Moonlight Magic Siberian Star

Kittens were born 4/22/19!

2 Kitten Available!

Mother: Talia Syberia

Father: Quater Grand Champion (TICA). Ideal Color of Life

Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point 

Father: Quater Grand Champion (TICA). Oberon Velikii Ohotnik

Blue Silver Lynx (Tabby) Point 

Price of kittens will depend on color and quality of the kitten. Please note: for cattery visitation (and allergy testing), there is a fee of $50. The cattery visit or allergy test is only for one hour! Please do not be late, the late arrival time will be deducted from the allowable 1 hour time. If you are here for an allergy test, please bring any medicine you need/require to control your allergy just in case you need it.

We show kittens only after the first vaccination, no exceptions. The fee is included into the price of the kitten if you choose. We accept payments through PayPal, at least 24 hours before the visit. Please no eChecks (or the visit will be moved until after the check has been approved (5 business days).

Kittens were born 3/23/19!

1 Kitten Available!
Fully Vaccinated!

Kittens were born 5/05/19!

4 Kitten Available!

Mother: Geba Velikolepnaya Barselit

Kittens were born 6/06/19!

5 Kitten Available!

Mother: Felicity Siberian Star

Father: Quater Grand Champion (TICA). Oberon Velikii Ohotnik

Blue Silver Lynx (Tabby) Point 

Kittens were born 6/15/19!

2 Kitten Available!

Father: Quarter Grand Champion (TICA). Ideal Colors of Life  

Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point 

Kittens were born 3/18/19!

1 Kittens Available! 


We can transport the kitten(s) to your location or meet half way, the price is 50 cents ($0.50) per mile, round trip (with tolls, if necessary). We also ship using airlines, through a courier or personal delivery. Cost approximately $290 -$360. 

What you should receive with your kitten:

  • A purchase contract
  • Record of vaccinations.
  • A blue TICA registration slip is supplied after you have neutered or spayed your kitten. 

All kittens are sold as pets only with a contract to spay or neuter by 8 months of age.                              

Kittens must be after 12 weeks of age before going to their new home (every kitten is individual). A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a kitten and does count towards the full price of the kitten. Please note: choice of kitten will be given in the order in which deposits have been received. Please be patient with the process. 

If looking for breeding purposes, only serious inquiries are welcome.

Kittens Available!