Lasya (formerly Mimoza)

Went to Evanston, IL

Seal Tortie Point with white


Went to Deerfield, IL

Red spotted Tabby


Went to Sterling Heights, MI

Black Tortoiseshell

Born on 08/07/2016


Went to Watertown, WI

Seal Point

💕 💕 💕
💕 💕 💕

Ziva (formerly Hohloma)

Went to La Grange Park, IL

Seal Torbie Tabby Point

Gonzo (former Monarch)

Went to Chicago, IL

Red tabby with white

Born on 11/03/2015


Went to Bloomington, IL

Seal Point

Isabella (former Exotica)

Went to Granite City, IL

Black Tortoiseshell with white

Cosmo (former Hussar)

Went to Batavia, IL

Red Tabby Point

TGC Ideal Colors of Life
Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point

Born on 03/25/2016

💕 💕 💕


Went to Canton, MI

Black Tabby with white

Maximus (former Mocha)

Went to Plainfield, IL

Solid Black

Anastasia (former Harmony) 

Went to Chicago, IL

Seal Torbie Tabby Point

Ladushka Russian Soul​

Black Tortoiseshell with white

Zuko (former Esaul) 

Went to Park Ridge, IL

Red Tabby

Yuri (former Ermack)

Went to Prescott, AZ

Red Tabby

Monlight Magic 

Stayed in Cattery

Solid Black with white