Page updated: 03/14/20

My name is Rylin. I was born on 4/22/19. I'm a seal pointed  tabby girl. I I have dark blue eyes and am very friendly. I am very social and love to play and run around. I also love to cuddle with a buddy or another human.

PRICE: $1,200

My name is Queenie. I was born on 3/23/19. I'm a black spotted girl. I am friendly with other cats and people.  I love to play with different toys and chase lasers and other toys. 

PRICE: $1,000

My name is Ideal. I was born on 1/24/14. I'm a beautiful Seal tabby point boy. I am very affectionate and love people.  I love to give headbutts and like to talk with cats and people. I was a show cat and loved all the attention. I get along well with other cats and dogs. 

PRICE: $600

My name is O'Hara. I was born on 12/24/14. I'm a beautiful Seal point. I love people and to get affection from them. I love to play with feather teasers . I have a very dominant character and don't like other cats, dogs I love. I would be a wonderful companion for a family without small kids.

PRICE: $600

My name is Byron, but I go by Tima at home. I was born on 6/26/15. I'm a beautiful Black Silver Classic tabby. I am shy at first but after I get comfortable, I become more affectionate. I always am more careful of strangers and people I don't know, so I may hide at first. I don't like dogs very much but am fine if they keep their distance. I get along great with other cats. I would be a wonderful companion for a family without small kids.

PRICE: $500

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